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Youth Club Wins International Swimming Competition In Germany


The winning team from this year’s Ikoyi Club Swimming Gala, Young Swimmers Club, have emerged victorious at the 2019 International Neptun-Nehein Swimfest in Arnsberg, Germany.

The young swimmers, who were revelations at the club’s inter-school competition earlier in the year, amassed 42 gold, 48 silver and 27 bronze medals to beat competitors from 11 other countries.

Chairman of Ikoyi Club 1938 swimming section, Oloyede Obatoyinbo expressed satisfaction with the performance of the swimmers, but said they needed to work harder to achieve more than they have done.

While also applauding Zenith Bank for sponsoring the club’s swimming competition and investing in developing young talents, Obatoyinbo also called on other corporate bodies to emulate them.

Obatoyinbo added: “I am happy we came first again but I know we can do better. Some of the events we won silver and bronze.

“It would have been gold, but for me it was a good outing generally and I want to applaud all the swimmers for their performance.

“It is a joy for them winning the title and for us as a club and we will continue to do our best to expose all these young talents to more championships especially against top swimmers from around the world.

“We are looking forward to having some of them winning medals at the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and World Championships.

“I want to praise Zenith Bank for their support and hope others come and do same thing, not only for swimming, but for other sports too.”

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